Unplug from the distractions of life and plug into your imagination.

What is Your Dream?


My aspiration is to help people unplug from their busy lives, and plug into their imagination. Within our imaginations we find solutions to the world's challenges. There we find ways to progress humanity. We will not find answers in the comments' section of a favorite website or news program.

The Uneasy Path of a Dreamer

Delivering on a dream is not easy. We need to help each other move the needle forward. What is your dream? Whatever it is, pursue it with passion and do not wait for an invitation. Let's encourage and not discourage one another. It will not be easy as it requires change and that can be uncomfortable. 

Dreamstone by P.A. Hendrickson

One way to unplug is to read a book. It takes you away, even if for a moment. My first attempt at stream-of-plot writing was Dreamstone. It falls somewhere in the Sci-Fi / Fantasy realm. It was fun to write, and is hopefully fun to read. If you do not read this, read something that challenges your imagination!